Document Generation Centre

What it is: This service lets you generate documents from preset templates. For example, a protest letter that you can sign by adding your personal information. The generated document will be layed out with that information embedded.

Quality: The resulting output is of the highest possible quality, since layout is done with LaTeX. Letters in LaTeX are very impressive, and they usually fit nicely into a window envelope. The interface however, is through normal web forms, so it's a bit simpler than plain LaTeX ;-)
One warning though: The .ps and .pdf files contain fonts that are rendered specifically for 600dpi; if that is unsuitable for you, the .dvi file (which requires locally installed LaTeX capabilities) is a better solution, because the local LaTeX support (actually, the MetaFONT engine part) will then render the fonts at the resolutions configured for your screen, printer and (perhaps) fax.

What you will find here: The documents serviced are determined by my personal interests. They are divided in categories below. If you think you may have something that I'd like to have added, let me know.

How it works: The documents are stored in the web server's domain as templates, which are LaTeX documents intersected with PHP3 code. The PHP3 code can refer to variables, which are provided through web form entries.
To support the generation of more than just LaTeX documents (which you would have to compile yourself), there is an intermediate PHP3 script between the web form that you fill in and the template. This intermediate loads the LaTeX after PHP3 processing, and compiles it to the desired format.
The download comes with this document, and two general examples for Dutch letter generation included.

Privacy: I have no use for your personal information. It is used only to generate your letter. All traces of your identity are deleted by the time you read your document.

Nederlandse Brieven (Dutch Letters)

Typesetting gebeurt op A4, in het Nederlands, en geschikt voor Nederlandse vensterenveloppen.

Formulieren (Forms)

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